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Visma Software provides companies with complete cloud solutions for accounting, wholesale and project accounting, time tracking, accounting, CRM, HR and payroll. More than 30,000 organizations in SMEs, operate the wholesale and semi-public sector with our software. The portfolio includes Accountview,, Visma eAccounting, Visma Severa Visma Teleboekhouden and Mamut One.

Visma Software BV is a subsidiary of the Norwegian Visma AS, the market leader in Scandinavia and belonging to the top 10 European business software houses. Core businesses are automating, integrating and outsourcing business processes.

Famous names in the customer base of Visma Software include: Formido, Wehkamp, King Dairy, TUI Netherlands, Xenos, IHC, Paradiso, SER, Madurodam, KLM Catering, CBF, Woningstichting Portal, Stichting Soa Aids, IJsselmeervogels, Dutch Sport Alliance Zorggroep Pantein , Baker Tilly Berk Accountants and ABAB Accountants. For more information on

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